COVID-19 UPDATE : On Friday a number of non contact Sport disciplines following certain guidelines shall slowly be resuming their activities outdoors. The directives from our Authorities were made public this week in a press conference. In the meantime MTTA has presented Sportmalta and MOC some points on how we can assist to mitigate risk once the University Gym reopens for Table Tennis. As you know the University Gym is also home to Handball and other disciplines meaning that our authorities have certain considerations not to mention that it would be counterproductive if certain measures are not observed by other sports athletes using the same facility. The infection rate has increased from 1 to 1.5 since the relaxation of commercial measures. Over the past few days COVID-19 positive tests ran into two digits. The MTTA believes that in the best interest for our members safty, comeback should resume when the spread rate is stable at under 1 for at least two weeks. In the meantime MTTA shall observe if as from Friday there would be a spike in the cases and also await official instructions re indoor non contact sport from our authorities. We hope that everyone is keeping well and safe. Do not hesitate to email us re any queries which we would do our best to reply. MTTA

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