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Disclaimer, I am aware that table tennis matches involve the setting up and taking down of equipment and there are risks involved in this. I agree that it is myresponsibility to inform the MTTA of any medical condition I/my child may have and that the MTTA will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the applicant while playing under its auspices. I also agree that photographs and video’s taken during MTTA events that feature me or my children may be used for promotionof the sport of table tennis.I also abide with NADO (WADA)regulations and give my full consent to the MTTA to carry out any anti-doping tests when necessar

Data Protection The personal information provided by you in this application form shall be used for the sole purposes of the MTTA. You consent to the processing of such data for the MTTA and to give you information related to their tournaments products and services and to develop and improve MTTA tournaments products and services. Furthermore you consent to the use and processing of your personal data for purposes concerning direct marketing, to inform you, by mail orotherwise, about tournaments products and services supplied by the MTTA and by MAIN Sponsors and its affiliates, and also for research purposes. Please inform us in writing if you oppose the processing of your personal data for purposes concerning direct marketing from anyone other than the MTTA

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