MTTA Vice President signs agreement with FITET

MTTA Vice President, Mr. David Pace signs agreement with FITET. Earlier this week President of the Italian Table Tennis Federation, Mr. Renato Di Napoli agreed and signed to a number of points which were discussed last February in Rome.…

Flexi-training Scheme 2020-2021

MTTA is pleased to inform you that the Flexi-training Scheme 2020-2021 for employees in the Private Sector is now open. Applications can be found on and are to be submitted via email to Ms Christina Maria Grech on…

Member Application  Form will be available as soon we can proceed with the League and all corona measures will be lifted. Please pay extra attention to social distancing and hygiene during the Covid19 pandemic.

MTTA President announcment

President announces official National League 19/20, seasons end.

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Our Association embraces all Maltese and International athletes who share the common passion for Table Tennis. We strive to create a healthy environment for competition, fitness and friendship.

” Let us ONLY be divided by the net “

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Emerson Mifsud

The Malta Table Tennis Association has received very sad news on the passing away of our member Emerson Mifsud. In a united voice the Board, the members, the Academies, Clubs and teams send out their sincerest condolences to the Mifsud family.…

MTTA National Council meet via video conference

On Friday 24th at 20:00 the MTTA National Council met via video conference in their continuas endeavour to carry on leading the Association in these difficult and complexed times. The Board reports it fully understands that the main interest of our…


COVID-19 UPDATE : On Friday a number of non contact Sport disciplines following certain guidelines shall slowly be resuming their activities outdoors. The directives from our Authorities were made public this week in a press conference. In the meantime…


Yesterday the MTTA Board met to discuss the proposed revamped Statute which was submitted earlier this week by our Advocates. The three hour video conference was of a very productive nature with a second session scheduled for Thursday 14th…


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