On Friday 24th at 20:00 the MTTA National Council met via video conference in their continuas
endeavour to carry on leading the Association in these difficult and complexed times.
The Board reports it fully understands that the main interest of our members boils down to
events, National League, Ranking Tournaments, Championships, International Training Camps,
International Competitions, Presentation Dinners ect… Restoring back shall be influenced by the
measures and decisions being taken by the Maltese local authorities in respect of COVID-19. As
to date MTTA is in no position to determine dates or a new calendar. The situation is being

During this down time the Board has worked to accelerate issues so that eventually MTTA
bounces back stronger and better structured for the benefit of all members.

MTTA is happy to report that;
A totally restrctuered and revamped Statute shall soon be circulated to all members for feedback.
A more modern and interactive Website shall soon be presented to the Board for a Demo
exercise before rolling out.

National League rules are being revised and shall be proposed to all members for their
impetuous, contribution and discussion.
Applications for prospective students to attend NSS scholastic year 20/21 to be circulated.
International relations being closely monitored. In view of the Andorra GSSE games cancelled
together with ITTF, ETTU, MTTU, COJI disruptions, MTTA reports that it shall work in the interest
and safety of its athletes so at the first opportunity we participate in the International circuit.
Finally the Board of Directors reported that their next meeting is scheduled for 8th May.
The President and delegates send their sincere greetings to all.

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