Dear members,

Until further notice our remaining booked practice nights shall start from 7:30pm to 10:30pm today included.

Meanwhile we would like to inform you that yesterday the Committee met up physically for the first time post COVID-19. Regular meetings were still taking place via video conference.

Besides administration matters it was agreed that we express our interest in all possible International events subject to the organizers going ahead with such events. The Committee also discussed the possibility of meeting more regularly, a mix of physical and Zoom meetings is a most likely possibility and best way forward.

We are planning and preparing for the new National League season, these plans include updating the Rules, data and statistics for website plus a new individual membership fee strcture to add value and practicality to the subscription.

The President shall be calling an EGM for the approval of our new Statute. Our Secretary General shall be circulating an email with the draft copy and the date of the EGM.

Other matters include organisation of our equipment ect..

For those athletes who wish to sign and play for an Italian/Sicilian club please note that following the agreement signed by our Vice President and the President of FITET, on such point, you may do so and still register with a team to play the Maltese League.

We look forward to raising the bar in all aspects so please do not hesitate to approach any one of the Directors to voice your feedback. Should you prefer to write kindly send all emails to General Secretary where we will do our utmost to reply in a very reasonable time frame.

Thank you.


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